Cakes worth celebrating

We are excited to be launching a range of our own brand, Chefs Selections, cakes.

From colourful and stand-out cakes to a range of elegance, we love these quality products!

All the cakes are on offer during March 2019, just click on the image to find out pricing information.

Pioneer Foodservice | Chefs Selections cakes

The ‘colour pop’ range

Bright and colourful, these cakes certainly stand out from the crowd!

1.  Pinata Cake

206230C – 1 x 14ptn

This rich dark chocolate masterpiece is topped with multi-coloured buttercream swirls and sugar sprinkles filled with chocolate buttercream. Slice the cake open and wow your customers as they watch the milk chocolate beans spill out.

2.  Rainbow Cake

206201C – 1 x 16p/ptn

Seven brightly coloured layers of Victoria sponge, coated with buttercream and topped with a spectacular multi-coloured crumb decoration. Watch your customers taste the rainbow.

3.  Funfetti Cake

Two moist layers of sponge speckled with a coloured sponge, filled and covered with buttercream and finished with a chocolate flavoured pink drip. Topped with swirls of buttercream and sugar sprinkle ball decorations.

4.  Citrus Sunbeam Cake

1 x 14p/ptn

Triple layers of yellow, orange and white sponge cake, interleaved with orange and lemon curd layers. The smooth topping of coloured buttercream creates the perfect canvas for you to add decoration for every occasion.

Elegance in cake form

These elegant cakes are perfect for Mother’s Day celebrations or afternoon teas; the perfect finishing touch.

1.  Victoria Sponge Cake

1 x 14p/ptn

A premium Victoria sponge filled with raspberry jam and buttercream These tasty topping features hand piped swirls of buttercream and perfectly piped drizzles of raspberry jam, dusted with sprinkles of sweet sugar snow.

2.  Blueberry Muffin Cake

1 x 14p/ptn

Everyone loves a blueberry muffin, so we’ve upscaled the classic into a tow-layer cake filled with buttercream and blueberry compote. The outside is frosted with a light dusting of white sugar snow.

3.  Lemon & Elderflower Cake

1 x 14ptn

A two-layer sponge cake filled and covered with lemon and elderflower buttercream and a layer of lemon curd. This pretty cake is topped with three white chocolate coated cereal and malt balls, shimmering with a lustrous silver finish.

4.  Persian Style Lemon Cake

1 x 14p/ptn

Two layers of lemon sponge with lemon curd and fresh lemon zest, tipped with lemon drizzle plus hand-piped rose swirls, edible rose petals, pistachios and lemon curd drops. With a geranium flavoured buttercream and lemon curd filling.

You can find out more about our own brand range by clicking the image below.