Discover the perfect cup, experience the perfect roast

We’re excited to be launching our own brand range of coffee!

About Roast 440

Roast 440 is our own brand of coffee, designed with independent coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels in mind.

Roast 440 provides a high quality range of coffee beans and filter coffees to suit every taste, with a variety of roasts plus single original and Rainforest Alliance options. Each blend has been carefully selected and balanced, using the finest coffee beans for each application.

Our blends …

309622C – Classic Blend Filter Coffee – 60 x 60g

Heavy bodied with nutty sweetness and a smooth finish.

309621C – Single Origin Filter Coffee – 60 x 60g

Full-bodied and creamy with chocolate and hazelnut notes and a long, sweet aftertaste.

309619S – Espresso Blend – 1 x 1kg

Heavy bodied with dark chocolate sweetness and a long finish.

309618S – Premium Rainforest Alliance – 1 x 1kg

Full bodied with milk chocolate sweetness and a nutty finish.

309620S – Decaf – 1 x 500g

Silky and smooth bodied, blonde caramel sweetness and a clean finish.


To  help you attract customers to our new brand of coffees, we offer a wide range of point of sale. Including aprons, blouses and cups, we have everything you need to get started!

Speak with your sales manager for more information.