Supporting our customers

Since 21st March when most catering premises had to close their doors, we have continued to support the industry with regular deliveries every week Monday to Friday. We know that many customers are planning partial or full re-opening in the coming days and weeks and we will be there to support you during this time.

Starting up again

Our telesales team has been working throughout the pandemic. Give them a call on 01228 403410 to double check order lead times, delivery days and product availability as the situation evolves. We also have a new brand new online site which we will move all customers over to as you start to re-order. The Food Standards Agency provides a checklist here to help you to reopen your business safely.

The official guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, workplace canteens and takeaway services has been published.

Safe deliveries

We have conducted detailed risk assessments throughout our business to keep premises, staff and customers safe. Our drivers have been trained to use a contactless delivery procedure which observes social distancing. They use an alcohol based sanitiser throughout the day so that hands can be sanitised when handling paperwork and products.

Products you need

We stock a wide range of sanitising and hygiene products to help you operate safely and within the current legislation, including PPE like masks and gloves, and three of our sanitising products (codes 308614C, 309725S and 309722C) are formally certified to be effective against Covid-19.

If you are thinking about doing takeaways or deliveries, whether short or long-term, we have all the environmentally responsible packaging you will need to carry this out.

In recent weeks we have sought to minimise the impact of supply chain disruption on our service to you. Most of our quality products are available to order and we will continue to work with supply partners to keep availability as high as possible.