NEW Chefs Selections dairy products are launched!

Our brand new range of dairy products is essential for creating appetising dishes.

All of our own brand products are made by BRC accredited producers, so you can be assured that all these dairy products are of the highest quality.

We have luxury full fat soft cheese which is perfect for blinis, soups, pasta sauces and whole host of other recipes.

Why not load your jam scones up with our quality clotted cream?

For loaded nachos, serve with an accompanying soured cream dip – the perfect tapas finger food!

We also have buttermilk, natural yogurt, creme fraiche and full fat soft cheese. For further information on our introductory offers, click here.

Mascarpone is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes, try this delicious Smoked Salmon & Mascarpone Tortilla


400g potatoes cut into thick slices

Small bunch of dill

6 eggs

2 tbsp mascarpone

100 frozen peas

125g pack of smoked salmon, thickly sliced


*Boil the potato slices for about 10mins until just tender, then drain. Roughly chop the leaves from the dill, then beat into the eggs, along with 1 tbsp mascarpone. Season to taste.

*Heat the oil in a small frying pan, then add the cooked potatoes, frozen peas and the egg mixture. Leave to set on a low heat for about 7 mins, pushing the mix around the pan every so often to it cooks evenly. Heat grill to high.

*Once the tortilla is firm underneath, but still a little wobbly on top, drape the salmon over the top and dot with the remaining cheese. Season with black pepper, then flash under the grill until just set. Serve with a green salad.