Celebrate the burger!

This month we have our steak burger mince on offer and this really gives you licence to get creative and make your own burgers, quickly and easily! Made in our butchery to our own recipe, this burger mix is well seasoned and ready for you to shape your own patties to throw on the grill.

We also have our delicious Lamb & Mint Burgers on offer this month. These are ready-made, handcrafted burgers made by our expert butchers and are a great alternative to offer customers.

For a high quality brioche roll, our new Panesco Premium Multigrain Brioche Rounds are simply perfect!  Add a zing when building your burger with a delicious dollop of Claire’s Handmade Beetroot & Ginger Chutney.

A vegan alternative

With the rise in customers following either a vegan or flexitarian diet, we know that you have to accommodate all dietary requirements.

Have you tried our Paramount Quinoa, Beet & Edamame Vegan Burgers?  This uncoated burger is made with a mix of quinoa, beetroot, edamame and mushrooms, spiced with chillies, smoked paprika, ginger, garlic and soy, finished with a citrus twist.

Our own brand, Chefs Selections 4” Sliced Plain Baps (201235C) are on offer this month at just £5.10 for 4 x 12, and are suitable for vegan diets. Serve with a generous serving of Oasis Foods Vegan Mayonnaise (309468S).

Don’t forget you can download our current edition of Flavour of the Month to see all our delicious deals for August!