Lakeland Meats

The provenance of our beef, lamb and pork is of the utmost importance, and we take great pride in sourcing the vast majority of our meats locally.

We launched our Lakeland Beef scheme in 2001. Every week we buy live cattle through Harrison & Hetherington’s auction mart in Carlisle.

When selecting our cattle, we have tight specifications as far as the fat cover and conformation of the beast are concerned. Our skilled butchers in our three depots ensure the meat is handled, prepared and packaged with care to satisfy your requirements and with a designated dry aged room, we offer a truly personal service.

Our unrivalled Lakeland Lamb is sourced from British Farm Assured producers and can amount to over 200 lambs per week. We work hard to maintain the quality you would expect for 52 weeks of the year.

All our fresh Lakeland Pork is bought on a daily basis from Maurice Wharton of Black Brow Abattoir, based near Wigton, Cumbria.

21-day Dry Aged Beef

Once you’ve tried our dry aged beef, you won’t be disappointed!

Dry aging has long been recognised as providing beef with an intense, delicious flavour and juicy tenderness.

We hand select sirloins on the bone and ribs of beef every week and rack them up ready for dry aging.

We age the beef on the bone for 21 days, which we believe provides the best meat for the discerning chef! Our dry aging room is a controlled environment with temperature, humidity and air flow set to obtain uniform drying of the meat.

Over time, the colour of the meat goes dark, almost black, and we face this off before cutting and preparing to your requirements.