Food labelling changes and how we can help you

How the regulations are changing

By March 2020, any establishment in which food and drink is prepared and sold ready for consumption by the final consumer will have to make nutritional information (calorific values) available at point of sale.

What information will I need to display and where?

Calorie information will need to be provided to consumers at the point of choice, for example in an establishment where prices are displayed and customers make their meal choices e.g. menus, shelf-edge labels.

You will need to display calorie labels which show the number of calories in a portion of food, as well as this amount as a proportion of the recommended daily energy intake for an adult woman (2,000 kcal).

How we can help you?

Pioneer Foods | Allergen and Dietary | Carlisle, Cumbria

Erudus One is an online database which has up-to-date allergen, dietary and nutritional information for thousands of products and many of our suppliers and customers currently use this tool.

Erudus One NEW feature

Recipe Builder

In addition to the allergen and data search, you can now access their brand new recipe builder tool.

This handy tool allows you to create recipes and gives you the allergen and nutritional information you need for over 30,000 branded and generic products.

Below is an example of a recipe card from Erudus. These will certainly be a big help when updating your menus for the new food labelling regulations.

Pioneer Foodservice | Erudus recipe builder

Erudus also helps you work out your costings for each recipe too.

Just contact us via the button below and we can arrange for this to be added to your Erudus account.

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