British Pie Week – 5th to 11th March

The pie has been a staple dish for us Brits for many centuries and now it has its own week when we can come together to celebrate this pastry delight!

Monday 5th until Sunday 11th March 2018 sees British Pie Week added to many diaries across the land.

This month we have some fantastic promotional prices on our own handmade pies. Baked in our Rosehill bakery, these pies have been enjoyed by our retail customers for many years and now we bring them to the hospitality trade.

Steak pie

Large – £28.80 (6 x 1kg)

Small – £30.00 (1 x 30)

This award-winning pie has slow cooked tender Lakeland beef as its filling, with a shortcrust bottom and topped with flaky puff pastry.

Chicken, leek and smoked bacon pie

Large – £28.80 (6 x 1kg)

Small – £30.00 (1 x 30)

Tender breast of chicken and our own smoked bacon is in a creamy white sauce, topped with flaky puff pastry.

Meat & potato pie

£30.00 (1 x 30)

This is an individual minced Lakeland beef and potato pie. For an extra little touch we add a sprinkle of grated cheese.

The Pioneer pasty

£23.60 (30 x 210g)

A hand-crimped D shaped pasty with a delicious minced beef and vegetable filling.

The Pioneer sausage roll

£30.00 (1 x 50)

A 6” sausage roll full of tasty sausage meat encased in puff pastry.

The Pioneer cottage pie

£19.80 (1 x 18)

Tasty minced Lakeland beef topped with creamy mashed potato finished off with grated cheese.

As you can see, we have a wide range of pies to add to your menus to celebrate this ‘humble’ dish and we’re sure your customers will enjoy them all!

For all offer information download our leaflet.

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