Project Description

Vegan Christmas feast

Scheff Foods Date & Almond Wild Rice Stack

Product code: 206118C

Price: £21.80 (£1.82 each)

Pack Size: 12 x 300g

Product Description:

Wild rice and squash combined with dates, orange, sultanas and almonds, formed into a stack and topped with pumpkin seeds.

Greens Moroccan Style Quinoa & Chickpeas

Product code: 206256S

Price: £2.95

Pack Size: 1 x 1.25kg

Product Description:

Quinoa with chickpeas, corn, red pepper and tomatoes seasoned with a sauce. Not only suitable for vegans, this dish is also gluten free. Can be served hot or cold.

Planète Pain Sourdough Roll

Product code: 205576C

Price: £13.10 (26p each)

Pack Size: 50 x 110g

Product Description:

A part-baked, unsliced French roll with a unique sourdough flavour, ideal for speciality sandwiches or gourmet burgers.

Scheff Foods Sloe Gin, Ginger & Cranberry Burger

Product code: 206117C

Price: £23.55 (79p each)

Pack Size: 30 x 120g

Product Description:

A tasty burger with parsnip chunks and cranberries cooked with brandy, ginger and sloe gin, seasoned with thyme and nutmeg.