Project Description

Sidoli vegan desserts

A quality range of desserts and cakes that both vegan and non-vegan customers will enjoy!

Pioneer Foodservice | Sidoli vegan apple caramel betty

Sidoli Vegan Caramel Apple Betty

Product code: 206223C

Price: £8.75 (63p ptn)

Pack size: 1 x 14p/ptn

Product description:

A sweet shortcrust pastry case filled with bramley apples, oaty crumble and lashings of caramel, baked until golden.

Pioneer Foodservice | Sidoli vegan crazy carrot

Sidoli Vegan Crazy Carrot Traycake

Product code: 206224C

Price: £15.50 (86p ptn)

Pack size: 1 x 18p/ptn

Product description:

A spiced carrot cake packed full of raisings, sultanas, carrots and pineapple, smothered in caramel, rippled frosting and roasted pistachios.

Pioneer Foodservice | Sidoli Vegan Apple & Strawbarb crumble

Sidoli Vegan Apple & Strawbarb Crumble

Product code: 206226C

Price: £12.70 (£1.06 each)

Pack size: 1 x 12

Product description:

Apple, strawberry and rhubarb baked together with an oaty vegan crumble. Serve warm with vegan ice cream.