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Buffet Cakes

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Tipiak Pop Macarons

Product Code: 206009C

Price: £15.25 (42p each)

Pack Size:  1 x 36

Product Description:

A thaw and serve selection of gluten free French macarons: six each of passion, coconut, apricot, morello cherry, lemon and blackcurrant.

Panesco Mini Donut Trio Mix

Product Code: 206157C

Price: £16.55 (17p each)

Pack Size:  96 x 20g

Product Description:

This is an assorted box of three mini plain donuts: 32 white donuts with dark stripes, 32 pink donuts with multi coloured flower confetti, 32 dark donuts with almonds.

Wrights Mini Cheesecake Selection

Product Code: 206149C

Price: £17.30 (36p each)

Pack Size:  1 x 48

Product Description:

Quality baked cheesecakes on a digestive biscuit base. Includes 12 mini lemon cheesecakes, 12 mini millionaire cheesecakes, 12 mini blueberry cheesecakes and 12 mini strawberry cheesecakes.