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Appleby Creamery Cheeseboard A

Product Code: 307679C

Price: £13.00

Pack Size: 1 x 4

Product Description:

A cheeseboard is always a popular choice to end a meal. This cheeseboard is made from locally sourced cheeses from Appleby Creamery.

200g Eden Chieftain – a creamy, award-winning close textured mature ‘cheddar style’ cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. A clean and well-rounded flavour that is perfect for the cheese board.

230g Eden Valley Brie – white mould ripened brie cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk. Its flavour fills the mouth with intensity and the luxurious creamy texture rounds off a sumptuous taste experience.

150g Smoked Hootenanny – a semi-hard goat’s cheese skilfully smoked in the traditional manner – smooth and silky in texture the delicate flavour is subtly balanced with oak and apple wood smoke.
200g Flakebridge – a smooth, hard-pressed, coloured cheese with a firm, slightly flaky texture and a subtle tangy taste. Based on a modified ‘Red Leicester’ recipe using pasteurised cow’s milk.

Don’t forget the crackers!

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