Chefs Selections cakes


Chefs Selections cakes Raspberry Ripple Cake Product Code: 206345C Pack Size: 1 x 14p/ptn Description: A moist Victoria sponge cake baked with swirls of natural red coloured sponge, filled and topped with raspberry jam, buttercream and hand piped blobs of cream with white chocolate red swirled shards. With a [...]

The Bake Shed


The Bake Shed Belgian Chocolate Crunch Slice Product code: 206369C Pack Size: 1 x 14 p/ptn Product Description: A light and fluffy sponge filled with crunchy chocolate pieces finished with a Belgian chocolate ganache and even more colourful crunchy chocolate pieces. Caramel Latte Brownie [...]

Lake District Lollies


Lake District Lollies Lake District Lollies The highest quality lollies which come a variety of flavours and made from 100% fresh squeezed fruit juice. Pack Size: 1 x 12 206363C Apple & Mango 206364C Orange & Lemon 206365C Raspberry & Passionfruit 206366C Strawberry & Banana 206367C Clementine 206368C Orange [...]

Oatly Barista Milk


Oatly Barista Milk Product Code: 309704C Pack Size: 6 x 1ltr Product Description: This carton of Barista oat drink is made from liquid oats, which means it isn't overly sweet or excessively heavy. It is fully foamable, putting you in total control over the density and performance of your [...]



Pidy Trendy 8cm Sweet Shallow Shell Product code: 309668C Pack size: 1 x 36 Micro Trendy 3cm Round Sweet Case Product code: 309667C Pack size: 1 x 63 Vegan Sweet Fluted Tarts 9.5cm Product code: 309673C Pack size: 1 [...]